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Remember when we use smile together , laugh together, cry together ? Well tell me what happened. Why the sudden change. Guess people change, so yeah bye....x
why do you rub me off the wrong way
why do you say the things that you say
sometimes i wonder how we ever came to be
but without you i'm incomplete


People keep asking me what are those strange marks on my body.
"Allergies." I answer.
"What are you allergic to?" they ask.
don't wear your MAKE-UP today! you will probably win for the "Most Scariest Costume" then lol
Once, you told me to choose between your life and mine,and I chose mine but you didn´t relise that you are my life.
why is everything so hard?

I would say I'm okay

but i'm done lying



''Are you still mad at me?''


''Are you sure?''

''I was never mad at you.''

''What were you?''




Not answering my kik or messages, phones broke, sorry lovelies <3

another word for ''I'm hurt''



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