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It’s not every day you meet someone with whom you share chemistry so intense,
you feel a force greater than gravity pulling the two of you closer.

People are like pistachios. Some of them open up easily, but there are others who need to be really broken to get into.-RVM
Some people live such boring lives; it’s Black & White, so dead! I choose to color my life with Fun, some Blue, some Green, some Red.-RVM
f o r m a t | s k a t e r r u l e s 2 3


life rules

-you are never as awkward as you
think you are
-you are never as annoying as you
think you are
-you are never as boring as you
think you are
-your compliments are never as
creepy as you think they are
-you are way more wanted than
you give yourself credit for
-chin up, dude

"he kissed her cheek and
then she knew, you could
get homesick for people

God, please grant all my parents hopes, all their good expectations. Don't let us hope, but make those expectations come true, and bless every plans which they make...amien

I was a fool.
I met you,
I fell in love.
We are now
Two fools,
In love.
It's when I tear myself apart
that I feel the most whole.
One Direction Update
11/23/14 11:55 PM EST
Hey guys! What an amazing day it has been! Today the boys attended and performed at the American Music Awards! Let me correct that, they SLAYED the American Music Awards! They won all 3 awards they were nominated for including artist of the year!! They did a perfect performance of Night Changes as well! Pat on the back for not just the boys but to us as well because we voted our butts off! 

Either later tonight or tomorrow the boys should be heading to Sydney where their next appearance is! On Wednesday they will be attending the ARIA's! They will also be doing some other appearances while they are there!

Rumors: None

Links: The following is a video of the boys winning Artist of the Year. If you scroll through the play list you can see the other two awards they got!
Here's the Night Changes performance:
Boys on the red carpet:

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