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Who is more dangerous? A person who has secrets or a person who has said every secret of his?
Classy girls don't kiss in bars, you fool
Lillian, don't hang your head
Love should make you feel good
When I couldn't handle it anymore,
When the screaming was too loud,
When I was truly about to leave this world,

I'd put down the razor.
And pick up anything to write with.

And draw smiley faces all over the place.
My bed,
My arms,
Covered in silly plain smiles

And it made me feel better.
There was happiness around me..

But today was different.

Today I started to draw sad faces..
Because today I realized,
There is only sadness around me.

And it makes me feel horrible.

I just wish I could draw a smile again.
One Direction Update

3/26/15 10:20 PM EDT
Hey everyone. Hope you all are doing okay and feeling a little bit better than yesterday. Just keep pushing on and keep your chin up! I honestly believe that the boys are nervous that we are going to leave them now. And we absolutely can NOT do that. Make sure we don't put them down or shoot negativity their way. Like Liam said, it's okay for us all to be sad right now but 1D is far from over. 

In other news, 4/5 are now in Johannesburg, South Africa. They have their next show there on Saturday. Zayn was actually seen at a studio in London today.

Rumors: Zayn was at the studio because he's actually going solo. Status: FALSE Zayn isn't going  solo now after just leaving because he wants out of the spotlight. He obviously has many friends in the music industry and was visiting them. 

Zayn will be returning to the band later in July. Status: UNCONFIRMED. Tons of people have been saying that Zayn signed a contract stating that he was welcome to rejoin the band any time he wants. That part I believe is true.  But people are saying he'll be back on July 23rd. That I personally think is false. It's too suspicious considering it's their 5 year anniversary. Zayn may or may not ever come back. But between you and me, I personally think one day he will return. It may be a super long time from now but I think it will eventually happen.

Also I want to say a couple things that are going to be changing now. 1. Updates are moving back to nights now that the boys are back further west. 2. I am going to start refering to the boys as 4/5. Not because I don't want to say their names, I just want to save space! And 3. I still intend to update on Zayn. Only if he's seen in public because I don't want to pry in his personal life.But if he isn't seen, I'm not going to mention it every time. Even though he technically isn't in 1D anymore, he will always be a member of this band and these updates are about 5/5 not just 4. 

Links: Zayn today:
The boys arriving at the airport today:
Might be a bit hard to see, but Liam wrote a Twitlonger today about what's going on:

I don't understand girls
Just beacuse I don't wear my heart on my sleeve
does not mean it beats any softer than yours
"You say I'm not alone, but I am PETRIFIED!"
~Twenty | One | Pilots
 Never let somebody get inside your head and change YOUR way of thinking.
Never let somebody else control YOUR happiness.
Learn to depend on yourself, and not others.
Because in the end?
Others will just let you down.
I got the first kiss, she'll get the last.
Shes got the future, ive got the past.
I got the class ring, shes got the diamond and wedding band.
I got the boy, and shes got the man ♡
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