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the only men that will love you for your brains.

"I keep telling myself
it's okay to be alone;
but sometimes i  find myself
and craving
for someone to hold me"


As a child,
I was always alone. I didn't have s lot of friends, anyone to tell secrets to. I grew up watching my older sisters and reading, content in my lonely world. As I got older I began to find friends, and when I had them I held them close. No one ever picked me first, or wanted me on their team, until they found out I was clever. I spent my time being used, giving myself to others, until I realized I prefered to be as I always had; alone. It was where I was safest.  

flowers that bloom late  are the most beautiful they can take their time to learn, to grow, and to develop. 
Simply becoming more and more beuatiful


(n.) A lover of rain, someone
who finds joy and peace of mind
during rainy days.

in the face
with a chair

If they don't have chocolate in heaven I ain't going 

I'll brinG him down,
            BRING HIM DOWN, DOWN,
a king with no crown, king with no crown.

Sorry for staring at you all the time and laughing too loud and having a shaky voice when you tell me beautiful words that weren't made for people like me.

One day I'm probably just going to be too lazy to breathe and die.


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