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I think the stress of everything is starting to get to me
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There's only 6 months till eighteenth birthday and all I can think of is the promises we made of us being together by then, but you have moved on so it kinda feels like none of it even hapened.
Been on witty for 4 years now,
and still don't know how to make my page have a cool background,
or do cool fonts and quote backgrounds, etc. -cries- 

   I try to act like I don't like you
   I don't know why
   I guess I'm scared of the truth
   you don't like me

I hurt too much
for things that shouldn't
                                          bother me at all

She said "im afraid of falling.
he whispeRed "i have wings"❤️

Crappy days turn to crappy nights. So thankful I have you two by my side.
and I wipe off the black streaks that run down my cheeks
the makeup that made me so beautiful is evidence of being so hurt 
for the sake of others, I put on my innocent smile
maybe pretending to move on will make it better 
until I see you laughing 
you used to laugh with me like that 
until I see you living 
we lived like there was no tomorrow
until once more you tell me it didnt work
then im back to the start
wiping off those black streaks 
trying to fix my broken heart 
Never ruin an apology with an excuse.

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