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Never assume that because it breathes it is human.
Monsters breathe too.

i dont know where you're goin
but do you have room for one more troubled soul?
Be real with me or go be
fake with someone else.

It is getting harder to remember your face as each day passes. The way you smell when I got to hold you or the way your voice so passes unded like songbirds in my ears. Each day passes and you become a memory. For every day that you have been gone

With a broken heart,
your walls can only go down, but so low..

format credit: MissAnna

Smile, you are beautiful

Often, the reason, so many are afraid to face the world is because of what it can do to you once you face it. 

Yet still, inside I felt alone
for reasons unkown to me.

Give me a minute and I'll change your mind.
Give me a bullet and I'll change your life.

"I've always thought that was ridiculous,
that people would want to be around someone
because they're pretty.
It's like chossing your breakfast cereals
based on color instead of taste."
~John Green
-Paper Towns

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